February- March Box Revie

This box includes 5 indie beauty products of stunning quality, combining skincare and beauty in one affordable box! 100.00USD worth of cosmetics for only 29.99 $ USD 

Kara Beauty Volumizing mascara is black, cruelty free and waterproof, it's the mascara you would like to have if you know you will be rewatching the Titanic. I loved the brush on the mascara, the price is very affordable but the mascara has a lot of benefits, it isn't gonna run, and it also doesn't make my eyes water (I have that issue). You should add this to your new favorite mascaras...


Edisto and Co. Pure and True Anti-Aging Facial Vegetable  Wash is a good facial wash for mild and sensitive skin, it only uses 9 ingredient and it is based out of sunflower oil. The smell is strange, it reminds me of something nutty, but not a good kind of nutty, however i do understand that this is fragrance free, and it is all vegetable ingredients hence the good quality outweighs the smell, they could probably mask the smell however that would take more away from the goodness. This facial wash doesn't use any harsh detergents, that is why it is mild however it is nice if you will do oil cleansing and then use this, leaves my skin nice, soft, clean after I do this.

Imperial Divine Cosmetics is the most outstanding product in this box, the pigments on this palette are outstanding, they are deep and they go a long way, they are also nice for product mixing. The shades also go well with any skin color, there is a shade for everyone in the palette and again, the pigmentation is to die for.


The Gerard cosmetics liquid lipstick is cruelty-free and vegan, well the whole brand is cruelty free and vegan. The shades are lovely though, there is one called Wine Down, makes me want to try a femme-fatale look, the other one is SkinnyDip, wearing this shade reminds me of Ariana Grande's lyrics :

'' boy, I'm tryna meet your mama on a Sunday
Then make a lotta love on a Monday ''

Finally, Edisto and Co Brightening Face Mask is for a nice sunday treat, you add a little water you use the little wooden spoon, apply to your face and relax. Let the clay do its magic, the turmeric brighten your face and taadaaa a well invested 16.00$. 





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