December Box

The December box features 4 amazing brands. This is our first box and we cant wait to share it with you!

The first product is Balibalm-Ginger and Sandalwood lip-balm. The packaging is stunning, and makes me feel like I have my life together. This balm does not use any animal products, it is 100% vegan. The ginger flavor adds a delicate tang to your lips, the smell is vibrant and the texture is nice and thick. Its extremely moisturizing, and its very soothing not only for my lips but the smell is soothing, calming almost! My sister and I absolutely love it! Retail price: 23.00$ USD.

The second product is Victorialand Beauty's Skin-Loving Moisturizer. This cream is like a baby's kiss on your skin! It is thicccc and super rich, but once  its applied to your skin, it absorbs beautifully, and it just feels like so much love seeped in, hahaha. I don't know how else to describe it, but I think this is perfect for a winter self-care night. Retail Price is 75.00$ USD.

The third product is Amorus USA's eyeshadow palettes, Lady Boss and Glamour Shot. These 15 color eyeshadows are cruelty free, bright  and highly pigmented. There is fallout, that's the only downside to it but they are very manageable. Glamour shot is for the diva in you, it is bright and shimery, perfect for the coming holiday-parties (yes, zoom parties count). Lady Boss is for the girl-boss in you, this eyeshadow palette means business, it is fiery but cute, it has shimmers and mattes, perfect for a day at the office (yes, even a home office) and a party at night.    Retail Price 9.00$ USD.

Our Cheeky Beauty Eye-Brush Set, it is small, cute, and travel friendly. It has a black metal case and we thought it would be really useful with the eyeshadow palettes. We are proud of our personal brand's first product and we hope you enjoy it! Retail Price: 18.00$ USD

We hope this box brings you a little joy, all of these brands are run by amazing people, whom are driven by passion to make the world a better place for everyone. 

 Check out Giovanna's video on our box! the link is this in case the video below doesnt work:


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  • I love the idea and concept you have with The Cheeky Beauty Box, however, I really wished you had kept all the businesses strictly Canadian. That is the kind of box I’m looking for.


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